LIVE22 is the newest 2018 slot game known around, every special game is well known in the US and they are bringing in to the Malaysia market.

LIVE22 offers you with the best of online gambling games, live casino experience & arcade games. With the best of visual features and game plays you have a variety of options to choose from. Here you will get to play and enjoy the games which hold maximum benefit for you. You are provided with completely secure online environment to take the benefit of the games you like and play.

There are over thousand of games that you can try and enjoy. Slot, baccarat, roulette, blackjack and much more which is responsible to make this the first choice for you.

These are the top 10 games inside LIVE22:

  • Midnight Carnival
  • Gorilla Tribe
  • Buffalo Blaze
  • Clover's Tales
  • Spirit Bear
  • Great Abundance
  • Justice Bao
  • Rhino Crash
  • Fu Lai
  • Go Bananas

We hope to see you trying out LIVE22 & be the next jackpot winner in 2018!